‘I’m staying in this weekend – got no money now until the end of the month.’

Sound familiar? Well how about something like this on a Saturday morning – proof you don’t need cash to get your culture fix in Hull.

SKIN: Freud, Mueck and Tunick

Ron Mueck in partnership with Artist Rooms

Ferens Art Gallery

Saturday 22 April - Sunday 13 August


First stop was Queen Victoria Square to join the queue outside the Ferens, which by 9.50am was building steadily with people keen to enter to see the first day of the SKIN exhibition.

Over 3000 participants who took part in Spencer Tunick’s Sea of Hull project had been invited to a special preview event on Friday evening and it was clear from the conversations in the queue that many had returned this morning to get another look at the exhibition and to purchase official Sea of Hull merchandise such as t-shirts and prints from the Ferens shop.

The gallery has purchased three images by Tunick and these are displayed as part of the SKIN exhibition alongside works by Ron Mueck (eerily lifelike sculptures), four of Lucian Freud’s paintings and Edouard Manet’s preparatory study for Le Dejeuner sur l’herbe.

Opinion seems to vary on Tunick’s work and also on the fact that the Friends of the Ferens will crowd fund a fourth Tunick piece at a reported cost of £16,000. But no one can deny the spirit and buzz it has brought to the city, both during the photoshoots and over this weekend when participants and public alike flocked to the Ferens to see the end result.

Love it or not, Spencer Tunick’s ‘Sea of Hull’ has certainly helped to push the city into the national and international media spotlight and provided participants with a genuine once in a lifetime opportunity to be part of something quite spectacular.


Museum of Club Culture

Suite 5, Bond 31, 52 High Street

Weekends until 7 May


Next, a 10/15 minute walk down to the historic old town to have a look at the Museum of Club Culture which is hosting the Mark Wigan Art Show. Mark is most recently known for having his artwork featured on Dr Martens products to international acclaim. The exhibition displays a great selection of Mark’s work, most of which is available to buy from the gallery - from badges and books, to prints priced at £30 all the way up to original works for a couple of thousand. It just so happened that Mark was down Humber Street (thanks to the gent in the museum for the info) creating artwork for Poorboy Boutique at their new store. Another excuse (if we needed one) to pop down later.


A multi-media installation by Madi Boyd and Nye Parry

Scale Lane Bridge

Every weekend in April 10am – 4pm


Came across this totally by chance when passing the bridge (the Museum of Club Culture is just next to it). Inside the bridge looked amazing and aside from a couple of other people, we had chance to stand and take it all in and get some good photos too. Whilst not on the same scale as the spectacular ‘Made in Hull’ projections, this is a really effective and striking installation and something we were really happy to discover by accident! Definitely recommended viewing before it finishes next weekend. Not really advertised that much that we have seen, so hopefully people get to see it!


Getting a bit thirsty now and one place you can guarantee a decent drink and a chilled atmosphere is Humber Street, so we headed down to the Humber Street Gallery for a quick refresher. We always enjoy going in here and seeing the original Dead Bod who has taken up residence in the café.

After a rest and a quick look at the exhibition on the ground floor we had a walk down Humber Street and had a look at the opening of the new Poorboy Boutique store. It is good to see another business opening and providing a bit more variety in amongst the eateries and galleries. There was some decent live music to entertain the customers and Mark Wigan was also outside customising Docs and creating a piece of artwork for the store. A really good atmosphere is developing in the area and it genuinely is a place that everyone can come and relax and enjoy.


Amy Johnson Festival - 'A Moth for Amy'

Last stop was a walk to the station to see Australian Tiger Moth, Geoffrey, Flight over Thailand and I Believe I Can Fly who have been brought to Hull after being displayed at the University of Sheffield, Science Museum London, Croydon and Herne Bay respectively. A Moth for Amy has been a real success and the other moths that have been displayed across Hull have now started to be removed in time for the charity auction in May that will give the public a chance to buy one of these sculptures. Well done to whoever came up with the Moth Collector app too, a very positive way to utilise technology and encourage people to get involved.

Three of the four new arrivals will be up for auction in a couple of weeks as part of the Big Moth Charity Auction at the Mercure Royal Hotel.

A pretty damn fine morning in the UK City of Culture. And all for free (apart from a well earned drink).



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