'Silverware we don't care, follow Hull City everywhere' You will hear this anthem at Hull City games, it's a fans' favourite. Being a Hull City fan is a bit different to being a fan of other Clubs. We consider ourselves special. We genuinely feel unique. Let's try to explain why this is. MODEST HISTORY

For 104 years we lingered below the top tier, enjoying the occasional flirtation with glory. Then in the 2008 Wembley Play Off Final that iconic Dean Windass screamer propelled us into the promised land of the Premier League. For almost ten years we've been punching above our weight. Or maybe we are now at the correct weight and have found our level. At last Hull, a city with a quarter of a million population, is doing itself justice. But ten years on, after a FA Cup Final, a peep at European football and 5 seasons in the top tier we're still very different to other clubs. Here's why... TODAY

It's the correct course of action for Hull City Supporters Trust to meet with the Premier League to discuss what's going on at our Club and in particular the removal of concessions. Only at Hull City could we have such nonsense during our most successful era. The admirable Hull City Supporters Trust (HCST) have shown sound judgement and demonstrated professionalism, resilience and determination through a further winter of discontent in 2016/17. 3 years of deadlock and banging their heads against a brick wall is massively frustrating and some sort of move like this was inevitable. It could only happen at Hull City. Like several others we at Tigerlink were ready and willing to attend the promised fan consultation set for January. We feared it would be watery, going through the motions and powerless like the previous fan group meetings of the Allam era. But we were positive, it would have been a start. So it's disappointing but unsurprising that this didn't materialise. We are Hull City fans, we always do it the hard way, nothing's ever straightforward. This is what makes us what we are. THE ALLAM ERA

It seems likely that our owners have lost all interest in our football club and are only staying because they delight in taunting the FA, Premier League and Hull City fans alike. They may even relish a further legal battle with the football authorities. Like the weightlifter at our local gym strutting and posing, the Allams flex their muscles from time to time looking to exert their authority with a further bizarre interview, madcap idea or statement. But we suspect that beneath it all they are now indifferent to what happens to Hull City. They are still here because they remain hurt and annoyed by the FA snub and not getting their own way. They aren't use to it and will want to make as many people as possible suffer before they move on. The ludicrous and divisive membership scheme is a thinly disguised tool to antagonise the fans. We are sure our owners are chuckling at it's divisive impact and the confusion it has caused and they've now put the icing on their cake of revenge by closing the West Stand Upper. It could only happen in Hull! So it looks like Ehab Allam is having great fun. It's our hope he will now say enough is enough and move on. But then we've always been optimistic here in Hull. That's why the 'Dare to Dream' slogan was so appropriate for Hull City. Prior to 2008 our modest history was filled with hope rather than expectation and made us appreciative every tiny crumb of success. But still we developed some of the most loyal, passionate, devoted, even obsessive, fans in the land. We are special! SAVE US MARCO

We fear there may be more mischief and madness for us to endure before the Allams wave goodbye. Please please Marco Silva keep us up, otherwise the summer of 2017 could see chaos and confusion like never before at the KCOM with a real danger of the Club being pushed over the cliff edge and plummeting a long way, and would anyone catch us and save us? Let's hope the footballing gods smile on the City of Hull and send us good fortune in our special year of culture. The Allam era is slowly drawing to a close. A glorious, golden era on the pitch tarnished forever by fan discontent and chaos off it. WE ARE THE SPECIAL ONES

After 104 years of mediocrity it's 'Typical City' that our unprecedented success was spoilt in this way. Nobody in Hull is really suprised by the way it has developed. We are a philosophical breed. If you are a Hull City fan then nothing suprises you. We expect the unexpected. Our default setting is to do it the hard way, or do it differently to the rest. ADDICTIVE AND COMPULSIVE

For so many of us Hull City is more than just a football team, more than a hobby. It's in our blood, it's never far from our thoughts. We need to fully support all those priced out, boycotting or just waiting for the Allams to leave the KCOM. They will be in a mess on matchdays, desperate to return and get their regular injection of Hull City, the most powerful drug on the market. It's addictive, compulsive, there's no alternative and there's no cure. So we guess we have to live with all the current difficulties. It's all just part of the overall package that makes us what we are, it's what makes being a Hull City fan unique. We are very very special. And it's a great feeling. THIS ARTICLE WAS WELL TIMED!

As a postscript, shortly after writing this article and in what seems to be a genuine coincidence of timing, the Club announced they are assembling the Supporter Group (promised in January) later this month. We view this as progress and let's hope the HCST are allowed to make the most of this opportunity. Perhaps at last there is light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks to HCST Chairman Geoff Bielby for the prompt update and the information provided by Graham Cannon and Greg Whitaker. To celebrate we're going to link to the Club's website for the first time in over 2 years!

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