24 December




Here's to a great Christmas and a

rise to the very top of the tree for City in 2016!


Great to hear from Dennis Matthijs again..
Hi everyone. Nineteen league games played now and I'm not quite sure what to make of City's season so far. After an acceptable, but slightly hesitant first two months we finally seemed to have hit our top gear by the end of October. Five consecutive wins, each accompanied by a clean sheet, brought us top of the table and made us dream of the Championship title.
Then however, the third international break of the season arrived. The City team that we've seen since doesn't even look like the squad that battered Ipswich, Birmingham, Milton Keynes, Brentford and Middlesbrough just a few weeks ago. The draw at Ashton Gate wasn't unforgiveable, nor was the inevitable defeat against Manchester City in the League Cup, but the frustrating games against Derby County and Leeds United were simply alarming.
Perhaps it's all due to the temporary absence of Michael Dawson, David Meyler and Abel Hernandez, and I know that it's still a long way to go and that we're just a few points behind the top two. Nevertheless it worries me that a lot of our players are quite clearly not able to stay concentrated and eager for the full 46 games of this campaign. Without the right attitude we can easily be beaten by even the poorest sides in this division, as we've seen on Saturday.
At the same time, I have to mention the role of Steve Bruce in our little dip. I like Bruce: overall he's a good manager, I'm proud of the way he represents Hull City, he's given the club such a better image and I'm thankful for all he's achieved with us. There's no denying however that when it comes down to tactics he's not quite a genius. Our playing style lacks creativity, our lineups are awfully predictable and more often than not, Bruce seems completely clueless at times when things are going against us. Both this season and last season, he hasn't always been able to make the most of the individual qualities in his squad.
Also, I'm getting slightly concerned about our medical staff and about the training intensity. The number of injuries that City have had this and last season is that high that it can't be blamed purely on bad luck anymore. Apart from the numerous small problems, we've had the frustrating cases of Jelavic, whose knee kept on playing up, of Diame, who was brought back too early time and time again, of Snodgrass, who was supposed to be out for six to nine months but didn't return in the squad until last week, and now of Diomande, who has been "four weeks away from full fitness" for almost three months now.
On a positive note, I've again managed to find and contact a few Dutch Hull City supporters recently. Dutch Tigers are not easy to find obviously, but my work on social media is slowly paying off. I'm confident that we'll eventually have a group of fans travelling to the KC in one of the next few seasons. Also a thank you to Tigerlink for making some publicity for me. They're doing a good job to spread some more positivity about the city of Hull. I have found Hull's image to be rather bad in other parts of the UK, but the city doesn't deserve that in my opinion. Perhaps it's not the number one place to be in England, but it's definitely worth a visit and it seems a good place to live, especially with the 2017 project coming up. Hull really has a style of its own and a unique appearance.
Next game: Bolton Wanderers at home. Looks to me like a perfect game to regain some of our confidence. Burnley, Brighton, Derby and Middlesbrough all have a strong team this season and they're not dropping points easily, so we'll need every win we can get if we want to be in the top two by the end of the season. Up the Tigers.
Huge congratulations to Kyle and the rest of the
Davis Cup Champions in the Great Britain squad



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